A Revolution in Fashion Commerce

A commercial collection to solidify Burberry’s move to ‘see-now; buy-now’, an innovation in the way fashion is shown and more importantly sold, allowing the customer to purchase straight off the runway. The idea is to cut out the six month waiting time, so that the collection does not seem old by the time it hits stores. This is what Burberry does. It is a commercial innovator, previously making pre-orders immediately available. Now however, their entire showing schedule has been rethought around this selling strategy._aa12763

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Prada’s travelling romantics

This was a collection about travellers. Mrs Prada herself described this season’s Prada women as “vagabonds”. They treasured their clothes as protection and as luxury. Heavy tweeds and sturdy denim formed the basis of timeless, protective coats trimmed with rustic furs – a Prada favourite. However this was not the usual technicolour-pop Prada fur. It was sombre and seemed to have a certain austerity about it. An austerity that ran through the many sailor pea-coats that so defined this collection.064_AG12217

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Maleficent: a Review

From the time that this movie was announced, I was excited for its release. I knew I wanted to go see it the cinema when it came out, but was only weary of one thing. That they would ruin the main character: Maleficent. She had always been my favourite Disney character and I was afraid that they could take away all that made the original portrayal good, which was her majesty, evil and calm.

So I was really impresses at how Angelina Jolie was able to incorporate the greatness  of the original portrayal while still making the role her own. I also feel like the costume was created to really pay homage to the original whilst still adding a modern twist and the production’s stamp on the  film.

Angelina Jolie in full horns and makeup
Angelina Jolie in full horns and makeup

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