Raf Simons’ Dior

This week, I have been thinking a lot about Raf Simons at Dior and Jonathan Anderson in general (which is a whole other blog post I may write some time). So, in light of my musings on Raf and his work at the house of Christian Dior, I thought I would write a short blog post about it.

First of all some a very short background on Raf Simons and how he ended up at Dior. He’s a Belgian designer who launched his menswear label in 1995. In 2005 he was made creative director of the house of Jil Sander and then in early 2012, following John Galliano’s dramatic firing from the house, he was announced head of Christian Dior showing his first collection for the house at the Autumn Winter 2012 Haute Couture shows. Dior S/S15 HC

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Cruise ’16: Chanel, Vuitton & Dior

The most important thing to be said about Pre-Collections, like Cruise which is being shown by various large fashion brands now, is that it makes up most of the houses’ fashion income. I’m not sure of the exact figures, but I’ve heard numbers as large as 70% being thrown about.

Thus it is no surprise that some of the largest brands have begun treating Cruise collections as its own thing, in many cases dragging the fashion press as far afield as Seoul in South Korea and Palm Spring in California to see their collections.


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