Gucci Cruise and London Menswear

To start off with, Gucci Cruise. The first thing to say about the show, new creative director Alessandro Michele’s third Gucci collection held on Thursday in New York, was that I really liked it! Everything just looked so warm and delicious, in short I wanted it all. I also really liked the menswear, which in some cases I felt was stronger than the womenswear. A slight criticism however was that it did look perhaps too similar to Autumn/Winter womenswear show. Especially when you have what seem to be the same models with the same styling and accessories in virtually the same looks. guccicruise

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Cruise ’16: Chanel, Vuitton & Dior

The most important thing to be said about Pre-Collections, like Cruise which is being shown by various large fashion brands now, is that it makes up most of the houses’ fashion income. I’m not sure of the exact figures, but I’ve heard numbers as large as 70% being thrown about.

Thus it is no surprise that some of the largest brands have begun treating Cruise collections as its own thing, in many cases dragging the fashion press as far afield as Seoul in South Korea and Palm Spring in California to see their collections.


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