Chanel Couture: A Focus on Craftsmanship

Although this Chanel Haute Couture collection seemed to be so much about a ‘Lacroixian’ flounce, it was also about tailoring and more specifically the shoulders. Each painstakingly worked and embroidered tweed suit, a Chanel staple, seemed to have a different shoulder shape, a feature that was carried on into much of the ‘flou’ or dress making as well._AG18348

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Cruise ’16: Chanel, Vuitton & Dior

The most important thing to be said about Pre-Collections, like Cruise which is being shown by various large fashion brands now, is that it makes up most of the houses’ fashion income. I’m not sure of the exact figures, but I’ve heard numbers as large as 70% being thrown about.

Thus it is no surprise that some of the largest brands have begun treating Cruise collections as its own thing, in many cases dragging the fashion press as far afield as Seoul in South Korea and Palm Spring in California to see their collections.


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