Gucci Cruise and London Menswear

To start off with, Gucci Cruise. The first thing to say about the show, new creative director Alessandro Michele’s third Gucci collection held on Thursday in New York, was that I really liked it! Everything just looked so warm and delicious, in short I wanted it all. I also really liked the menswear, which in some cases I felt was stronger than the womenswear. A slight criticism however was that it did look perhaps too similar to Autumn/Winter womenswear show. Especially when you have what seem to be the same models with the same styling and accessories in virtually the same looks. guccicruise

However, it must be remembered that this is only Michele’s third ever collection for the house and he is obviously trying to cement his vision. But as Alexander Fury cleverly stated in his review for the Independent, “there’s a fine line between consistency and repetition”.

To stay positive though, I did really like it and look forward to what he has to show for the house next. Hopefully something that pushes his incredibly strong starting ideas forward into something new and unexpected.

The longing for the new, brings me nicely into the second part of this post, and that is my excitement for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2016 Menswear shows, which all start with London Collections: Mens in about a week’s time.

The shows I’m particularly looking forward in London, are (of course) Craig Green, Christopher Shannon, Agi and Sam and J. W. Anderson. I will of course be trying to review the shows as much as possible, quite possibly in the style of my Chanel, Vuitton and Dior Cruise reviews: in groups of three or four.

I would also like to point out that I very possibly won’t be posting next week as I have upcoming exams, and need to revise.
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2 thoughts on “Gucci Cruise and London Menswear”

  1. I have to agree with you on the fact that things did seem repetitive. My only critique about his collection was that I felt like he kept mixing different styles and for a collection I would have like to see more uniform instead of a little bit of everything. Other than that, I really liked every single outfit that went down the runway! 🙂

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