The Met Gala 2015: Some Successes, Many Disasters

Last Monday was the Met Gala. An annual event, hosted by Anna Wintour and held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, where a bunch of celebrities get paid to wear some frocks: to varying degrees of success. As ever, there is the good, the bad and the outright ugly. Invariably sprinkled with a handful of nude illusion gowns.

This years theme, based on the accompanying fashion exhibition, was China: Through the Looking Glass. Or in other words China through the eyes of Western designers.

Lady Gaga in custom Balenciaga by Alex Wang
Lady Gaga in custom Balenciaga by Alex Wang

China has been referenced by every fashion designer from John Galliano to Yves Saint Laurent, from Mary Katrantzou to Alexander McQueen. Therefore, I found it surprising that more celebrities didn’t stick with the theme when choosing their outfit for the night.

The people that looked the best, pull it off effortlessly wearing things that looked new without appearing like a gimmick. The people that didn’t, either went down a route that has been done many times before (yes, I’m talking about you Beyoncé and Kim in your nude illusion gown) or just choose a gown that looked downright ugly.

My favourite looks of the night, were Rihanna in Guo Pei, FKA Twigs in Christopher Kane and Lady Gaga in custom Balenciaga by Alexander Wang. The general consensus across social media was that Rihanna had ‘won’. What I enjoyed most about her look was how a, she was one of the only people to actually wear a Chinese designer, and b, because she went as big and extreme as possible (6 people were needed to steer her cloak in the right direction).

Twigs I loved, because of how chic, elegant and effortless she looked (her dress was also just really good). Gaga, I loved for partially the opposite reason. It looked as if she had put a lot of thought and effort into the designing the look with Wang, and I feel it really payed off.


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