Phoebe English

Phoebe English, a London based designer who graduated from the prestigious art school Central St Martin’s in 2011, presented for the first time on the official London Fashion Week schedule this season (A/W15). Out of the four collections she has shown, off schedule, this season was definitely her strongest, incorporating many of her signature staples.

What I enjoy most about English’s work, and especially her latest collection is how unashamedly her it is. In a very short time she has been able to show what she’s about as a designer, and all of her collection seem to be developing from a similar theme, very much pushing back against the idea of fast fashion of doing something else each season. She is really taking her time to gradually evolve and properly develop an idea.


Personally, I see a lot of legendary Belgian designer Martin Margiela’s work in her influences, which I love. I especially enjoy the influenced deconstruction and emphasis on hand work, for example the use of 16th century weaving techniques in her collections. Another great thing about English’s work is her beautiful silhouettes and interesting use of shear fabrics, often layering them to create different effects.

I am really looking forward to what Phoebe English will show for Spring Summer 2016 (in September) and excited to see how her brand develops in the future.


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