I have noticed while looking at people who have ‘the Fame’, that there really is an art to getting and keeping it. However when I talk about ‘Fame’ I am talking about people who are actually famous not that they have created a viral video and are enjoying a brief ‘fifteen minutes of fame’. The two main examples I looked at are Andy Warhol and Lady Gaga. It is interesting that both of these now iconic famous people built their way up from absolutely nothing to be on top of their contemporaries. Even though Andy Warhol died relatively recently, he is still considered one of the most  influential and iconic artists of all time.

Andy Warhol: and Artist of Fame
Andy Warhol: an Artist of Fame

The same is true for Lady Gaga, for even though she has been in the public eye for seven years (she released her debut Album ‘the Fame’ in 2008), she is considered one of the most well-known musicians ever. I am sure that most people have heard her name even if they haven’t heard her music.

I believe that this is down to they way they have presented themselves to the public since the beginning of their careers. Whenever someone thinks of Andy Warhol, I am sure that almost everyone sees the same image of him in dark sunglasses, a bright white wig dyed black at the back and a black suit or shirt. This is the same for Lady Gaga, for even though she has so many looks it comes to the same, as she is still recognisable as the one with the crazy fashion, large hair and extravagant hats.So, to become famous you must portray yourself in a way that is both new and familiar with a look that sticks in people’s minds.

However, this on its own is not enough to stay on top of your fame. I think that there must be solid talent to back controversial and different experimental pieces. Although you may not be a fan of Andy Warhol’s art some of his earlier work is actually quite skillful and innovative. The same is true for Lady Gaga, for even though some of her more famous songs are very avant-garde, she is still a classically trained musician and can play the piano to a very high standard.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga, a recognisable icon whatever the outfit

Then they must also have something to keep them interesting. For example the ability to keep reinventing yourself with different styles. If you do this you will never become uninteresting and there will alway be something new for people to discover about you. The undoubted Queen of Reinvention has to be Lady Gaga, as she is different in every look she does, and every record she puts out has a different sound and a different side of hers to show.

These are the main factors, which I think contribute most to the Art of Fame. I bet many people wouldn’t call it an art as such and many people perhaps don’t realise that there is a way to be on top and a way to make everyone know your name, you just have to know the art.

What do you think the Art of Fame is? Leave a comment below and if you liked this post, do feel free to follow my blog for more posts about things that interest me or my thoughts on things like this.


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