Maleficent: a Review

From the time that this movie was announced, I was excited for its release. I knew I wanted to go see it the cinema when it came out, but was only weary of one thing. That they would ruin the main character: Maleficent. She had always been my favourite Disney character and I was afraid that they could take away all that made the original portrayal good, which was her majesty, evil and calm.

So I was really impresses at how Angelina Jolie was able to incorporate the greatness  of the original portrayal while still making the role her own. I also feel like the costume was created to really pay homage to the original whilst still adding a modern twist and the production’s stamp on the  film.

Angelina Jolie in full horns and makeup
Angelina Jolie in full horns and makeup

Another standout feature of this film for me where the visuals which are absolutely amazing. The CGI was stunning and excellently executed. The darker colour scheme also fit the film nicely, while there where some great spring time scenes which were also beautifully shot. I also liked how the slightly medieval gothic look from the original was carried through into this version, especially with the architecture.

I also think that Linda Woolverton did a great job of adapting the idea into a whole new plot with many twists and turns which make it a whole new experience to watch. I also loved how the whole plot turns dramatically at the end of the film and is nothing to how you would expect the ending to be. It’s also good that Disney is now making films that portray more than one side of good and evil and are showing that the world isn’t split into just good and bad people and that people to change and grow as people.

The one thing which i think didn’t work out so well was the portrayal of the three fairies. I think that their characters didn’t come through very well and that their interaction seemed quite forced at some points. It would have also been cool with Maleficent turning into a dragon at the climax like in the original, as the climax although very dramatic with fire and exciting CGI didn’t have an iconic cinematic moment. The intro where Maleficent was shown as a teenager also seemed to drag for a while and could have been shown at a snappier pace.

So for me, the best parts of the film where the amazing costumes, the great production design, beautiful cinematography and of course Angelina Jolie’s performance of Maleficent which gave me life! The less good aspects of the film where the portrayal of the three good fairies and a great climax.

Even though there are some negatives, I think that they are by far outweighed by the positives of the film. Which I would definitely recommend to anyone who isn’t sure whether they  would like it or if it’s the right sort of film for them.

PS. the rendition of ‘Once Upon A Dream’ by Lana del Rey also fit the film’s theme and vibe amazingly, especially as the song is taken from the original.


Did you watch Maleficent? What where your thoughts? Please leave a comment below on your opinion or thoughts on the film or what you were expecting from it.



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